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About Baekwoon Martial Arts


In 2011 the Baekwoon Martial Arts Academy, headed by Jeremy Talbott, started classes at the LifeTime Fitness in Warrenville, Il. Baekwoon Mu Sul (pronounced:  beck oon moo sool) translates to “White Cloud Martial Arts”.  Our core art that our students learn is Okinawa Shorei-ryu Karate and Korean Taekwondo.  Our program allows your child to learn an effective and comprehensive martial art while, at the same time, build character, confidence, discipline, and develop leadership skills.  Classes are taught in a friendly, yet disciplined, manner that allows students to have fun while they learn basic to advance martial art techniques.


The class is usually broken into three different sections of learning.  First they will begin with a 10-15 minute warm-up which includes calisthenics and stretching to help promote a healthy workout regimen.  Next they will go over their basic martial art drills and their main lesson for the week.  These main lessons will cover topics such as self defense/self awareness, proper training methods, traditional and sport martial arts.


About our styles


Shorei-ryu Karate is an Okinawan based martial art.  It was first introduced to America in 1946 by  the late Grand master Robert Trias, who studied the art while stationed in Solomon Islands during World War II.  There he met and trained under Tung Gee Tsing who taught him Xingyi kung fu and Shuri-te karate.   He later studied under Hoy Yuan Ping where he learned Kempo-jujitsu and also earned a 6th dan in Judo.  Grand master Trias then incorporated these styles into one main style that we call Shorei-ryu Karate.  The style emphasizes training techniques that develop power, speed, fluidity, control, relax responses, sparring ability, and mental and physical abilities, through self defense, kata and weapon work.


Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that was developed back in the 1940’s through a joined effort of several different Korean martial art schools of Karate.  The leaders of these school gathered together to unite all their schools and develop a martial art that was distinctively Korean in nature.  This art emphasized more of a kicking curriculum with minimum hand work.  This is not to say there is no punching in Taekwondo, but practitioners tend to rely on the fast foot work and strengths of their kicks.  Taekwondo is one of only two martial arts that is recognized as an official sport in the world Olympics and is the most popular martial art practiced in the world.


Some styles of martial arts do not train the student in the use of weapons, but Baekwoon Mu Sul does. We learn both traditional Okinawa, Filipino and Korean weapons.  The Okinawa weapons were at one time used as farm implements rather than weapons, but their use changed as the Japanese outlawed formal weapons on the island of Okinawa. The student learns how to use the bo, sai, nunchaku, tonfa, kama.  A similar incident happened in the Philippines, when the Spaniards occupied the islands and outlawed the natives from practicing any type of fighting.  With this in mind, the Filipinos developed stick fighting and knife fighting techniques that were disguised as ceremonial dances.   For Korean arts the students will learn basic kum (sword) techniques as well as short stick fighting.  He or she learns the history of the weapon and how to use it for offense and defense. The student is taught proper safety, handling, and respect for each weapon that they use.  Once they have learned the basic techniques, the student will then learn how to do the various forms with a weapon. 

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